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618 Grand Promotion:’s Liu Qiangdong Outlines Keys to Future Success

Liu Qiangdong has rapidly become one of the largest names in e-commerce and reliable supply chain logistics throughout China and the rest of the Western world. Considered akin to Jeff Bezos, with a company rivaling Amazon in its scope, Liu Qiangdong has used his position at the head of to help try and improve conditions for individuals throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. While variants continue to exist and will cause issues in the future, Qiangdong is focused on how his supply chain can help mitigate potential issues for consumers no matter where they are in the nation.

Starting With an Idea

Liu Qiangdong would establish as a streetside shop that sold products out of a cart. Committed to reliable goods that were as authentic as they were affordable, Qiangdong prided himself on offering a service that was different – and better – than his competition. When the SARS epidemic changed the economy in 2003, Qiangdong would begin transitioning his work into the digital field, where would come to fruition.

Building For the Future has quickly become the Eastern response to Amazon, a massive and sprawling network of infrastructure that connects millions of shoppers with the goods that they need on a daily basis. Whether ordering electric cars or sustainable appliances, shoppers will get what they need with just a few clicks of the button.

While has always been focused on greener practices, the company would take the idea a step further during an announcement at the 618 Grand Promotion on Responsible Supply Chains. Qiangdong’s company would announce its focus on the Green Impact Initiative. The massive initiative will include manually screening millions of eco-friendly products so that they can be properly labeled as green to make for easier and greener shopping. Products include zero waste goods, low-carbon-footprint products, sustainable fashion, and other energy-saving products.

Ready to Adapt

From the SARS epidemic to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Liu Qiangdong have been ready to pivot as the times’ mandate. To continue providing reliable, dedicated, and responsible services, has developed its logistics network so that it can adapt to any challenge, great or small. We saw how could pivot on the go to adjust to potential crises during the early days of COID lockdowns in Shanghai. During these early lockdowns, JD was able to supply more than 80,000 tons of essential goods to the city, summoning more than 4,000 couriers and sorters to accomplish the task.

At the time of this writing, JD is sporting more than 1,400 warehouses and 43 logistics parks throughout the entirety of China. As a result of this sprawling and dedicated logistics network, more than 90% of online orders can be fulfilled and delivered either the same day or by the next day at the latest, and this includes much of rural China.

As the omnichannel continues to gain momentum, we expect and CEO Liu Qiangdong to continue energizing the charge toward change. New on-demand retail outlet services, including Shop Now, have made it easier than ever for clients to find what they need, when they need it, and at an affordable price. At present, JD has been connected to more than 150,000 total offline retailers, including stores like Apple, Sephora, and Walmart.


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