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Fortune Global 500,

The Chinese e-commerce company has ranked 46th on the 2022 FORTUNE Global 500 list, moving up 13 places from the year prior and placing it within the top 50 companies in the world.

The Fortune Global 500 list is the most recognized ranking for the world’s largest stock-listed companies, measured by revenue. Assembled annually by Fortune magazine, revenues generated by this year’s Fortune Global 500 companies combined totaled USD 37.8 trillion, over one-third of the world’s GDP. It marked an increase of 19 percent over the year prior, the highest annual growth rate in the list’s history.

By 2021 year’s end, had a customer base of 570 million worldwide, and had increased its revenue YOY by 27.6 percent to USD 147.5 billion. Since debuting at number 366 on the annual list in 2016 has rapidly climbed in the ranks, leaping over 300 positions in just six years.

Much of this success has been a result of’s transformation from an e-commerce business into a supply chain-based technology and service provider. “In the past few years, we have firmly invested in supply chain infrastructure construction and digital intelligent technology research and development, a path that has at times been bitter and challenging but has also delivered the highest value,” said Richard Liu, chairman and founder of

As Covid-19 has caused disruptions across the globe over the past two years,’s infrastructure has enabled it to adapt and operate with resiliency. It has emerged from the pandemic with a stronger sense of responsibility to create value and aid in the development of the real economy.


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