top of page Shares Five Consumer Trends in the Chinese Cross-Border E-Commerce Market

JD Worldwide,’s cross-border e-commerce platform, is the first port of call for international brands to connect with the company. As China’s largest online and overall retailer, (known as Jingdong in Europe) is well-placed to form these connections.

From 2020-22, the e-commerce platform experienced a 64% increase in cross-border product transaction volume and the number of JD Worldwide users grew by 30%.

About Richard Liu, Founder of (a.k.a. Jingdong) (Jingdong in Europe) was founded by Richard Liu and is China’s largest retailer with more than 550 million active customers and 550,000 employees. Today is a technology and services enterprise with supply chain at its core. The platform meets consumer needs by offering users access to a range of authentic and high-quality Chinese and international products. All products are sourced from the original suppliers and guaranteed for authenticity.


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