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JD Logistics Co-Launches First Supply Chain Emission Management Platform

In April 2023, JD Logistics launched the world’s first Supply Chain Emission Management Platform (SCEMP) for the Logistics industry. The platform is as a result of a collaboration between JD Logistics and the Green Supply Chain Committee of the All-China Environment Federation.

About Richard Liu, Jingdong’s Founder

Richard Liu founded (known as Jingdong in Europe) in 2004. He has led the company’s growth for almost two decades as its Chairman and until 2022, CEO. Today has more than 550 million active customers and is China’s largest on line retailer and biggest overall retailer. In recent years, JD has used its supply chain expertise to expand its activities to form businesses focussed on Logistics, Property, Finance, Industrial, Health and Technology. Each business has a mission to use technology for a productive and sustainable world with the customer experience always being the first priority.


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