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Liu Qiangdong & JD dot com Set Sights on Grand Promotion; Aim to Deliver Responsible Supply Chain

From the first cases of COVID to the latest COVID resurgence, individuals around the world have been forced to adjust on the fly as their lives have fundamentally changed. Throughout this trying period of time, e-commerce has become one of the most pivotal industries in the world, connecting users with the life-changing items that they need to continue on a day-to-day basis.

Embracing the value of a dedicated, responsible, and reliable supply chain, the team at has focused on delivering new value to their clients from one side of the ocean to the next.

Led by CEO Liu Qiangdong, has embraced its values while continuing to deliver chain expertise and assurance to customers. The importance of this facet of the business was unveiled at the JD618 Grand Promotion.

What Is A Responsible Supply Chain?

Lijun Xin, the CEO of JD Retail, opened up the JD618 Media Briefing Session this past June by laying down the mantle. Xin said in a statement, “ is ready to embrace the era of supply chain value.

Established by Liu Qiangdong in 2005 following the infamous SARS outbreak of 2003, Qiangdong would go on to develop and define his e-commerce business as a combination of two vital abilities: networks of warehouses nationwide and the ability to integrate and efficiently synergize all of their resources to the benefit of the customer.

To identify and define a responsible supply chain, we should break down the concept into categories that Liu Qiangdong would emphasize.

  • Importance of Quality Service – Denoted during the 19th 618 Grand Promotion in June, laid a heavy focus on the importance of service quality. The team at revealed during its Grand Promotion that customer satisfaction was at an all-time high thanks to its efforts covering the entirety of the consumption process from pre-sale to delivery.

  • Strength of Omni-Channel Focus – Introducing new on-demand retail services through its Shop Now program, is providing clients with access to more amenities in an online and offline capacity. Already connected to more than 150,000 stores offline throughout 1,700 cities in China, is experiencing a brick-and-mortar resurgence.

  • Improved Green Consumption – Green consumption and environmental business practices are only becoming more important. has sold more than 11.57 million products pertaining to green consumption as of June 5, 2022. With more than 1 million different kinds of environmentally friendly products on its platform, shoppers are increasingly finding the green products they need. Some of the hottest green products include sustainable fashion, zero waste items, green appliances, and even electric cars.

  • Responsibility in Deliverability – Liu Qiangdong’s has cemented itself as one of China’s largest e-commerce creators thanks to its punctual and responsible status. A nationwide network of more than 1,400 warehouses keeps the supply chain moving and synergized.

Meet Liu Qiangdong of

Liu Qiandong was born and raised in the small village of Chang’an, located more than 700km to the south of Beijing. It was here that Qiangdong learned the value of hard work, as his family was without simple luxuries like regular meat for dinner. Eventually, Qiangdong would make his way to the city where he would attend the People’s University of China. Upon graduation, Qiangdong would embark upon a successful career as an entrepreneur, establishing several successful business efforts before settling into his work at

Qiangdong would establish in 2007, initially focusing on consumer electronics before expanding into a larger network of consumer goods. In the intervening years since the company was first established, has grown into a leading e-commerce business in China, regularly being compared to Amazon due to their similar business models.


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